Fire is the natural symbol of life and passion ... and for us, the soul of our grills

We seek to provide high-quality stainless-steel products that have been developed to help you achieve exceptional grilling experiences. All the products we have developed are based on our own experiences and how we like and are used to host our families and friends.  We want everyone to be able to experience a proper Argentine Asado. 

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  • Argentine XXL Grill. Grill built in stainless steel with refractory bricks, it has flame control in the chimney and grill height control.


    Built in food grade stainless steel and refractory bricks, our best-selling product, everything you need to make a great asado/BBQ for your friends and family. This is the type of grill we have in our backyards and fire up every weekend.

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    Our camping and compact grills are made for transportability as small for you to carry on a camping trip or convenient to transport on an RV. And our no mess Asador Cross for a full Gaucho experience grilling or roasting whole lamb or ribs. All of them built in food grade stainless steel.

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    Developed for intensive use, these modular grills have a mechanism and systems for regulation both height and the inclination of the grill, which will allow you to obtain different desired cooking points for each product. Completely handcrafted in food grade stainless steel.

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